The Greater Hope Baptist Church is Affiliated With

The Great Lakes Baptist District Association
The Empire Missionary Baptist Convention
The National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.
The Baptist World Alliance
In 1949, the late Rev. John H Monroe envisioned a church from whence the Gospel
of Jesus Christ could go forth. Rev. Monroe, along with eight fellow laborers in the
cause of Christ, organized the Greater Hope Baptist Church. The following eight
people were at the Church’s inception: Mrs. Georgia Pagues, Mrs. Margie
Chandler, Mrs. Rowena Scott, Mr. Grover Darden, Mrs. Marie Goodwin, Mr.
Anthony Gross, Mr. Millard Cook & Mrs. Sarah Cook.

Greater Hope was first located at 600 Clinton St. As the church grew there was a
need for a larger building: it relocated to 214 Clinton St. In 1959, Greater Hope
moved to its present location. The building was remodeled, according to plans drawn
up by Pastor Monroe, and the Cornerstone was laid in 1970.

Under Pastor Monroe’s leadership, Greater Hope did great things for the Kingdom.
In 1983, Pastor Monroe was called from labor to rest, leaving behind his faithful
wife, Mrs. Amanda Monroe.

After Pastor Monroe’s death, Rev John Pratcher served as interim pastor. With the
aid of the church leadership, headed by Deacon Brantley, Greater Hope moved
forward by “being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and

In April of 1984, Rev. James C. Blackburn Jr. of Indianapolis, Indiana was called to
the pastorate of the church.

Since Pastor Blackburn’s arrival, our church has grown spiritually and physically.
Under his pastoral leadership, several pieces of property have been purchased, and
parking lots have been installed. The church building has been completely
renovated. The lower level was dedicated and named in memory of Rev. John H.
Monroe, our founding pastor.

Greater Hope supports and sustains many ministries, notably, our Television and
Radio programs, where the Sunday School lesson is presented and people are
encouraged to go to church.

Over the years, the faces of the congregation have changed, but the church’s goals
and aspirations remain, to bring honor and glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus
Christ. As we look to the future, we look with confidence for we know, “We can do
all things through Christ who strengthens us.
At Greater Hope, There's a Place For You!
Rev. Dr. James C. Blackburn,Jr., Pastor
8 Verplank Street Buffalo, NY 14208 Office:(716) 883-3328 Fax: (716) 883-7538